Tuesday, November 30, 2004

picture poem #52

of ancient texts
in golden bindings

of the aging past

and collecting dust

rimming haiku #63

Rudolph with red nose,
just before Christmas it glows
- Conducting gizmos!

Monday, November 29, 2004

picture poem #51

seconds of meaning
to realise life

experience the innocent

never have
the beat of life

rimming haiku #62

Life of many ways,
through the entrance and years plays
- winter has its days.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

picture poem #50

beneath a footprint
a colored leaf

like a desire
moving with air
images reflected
in flowing water

rimming haiku #61

Wish upon a star,
from blue sea of Zanzibar
- living is bizarre!

rimming haiku #60

Each day in with seeds,
refinement and common weeds
- days are full of deeds!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

picture poem #49

poets caressing
languishing sunlight flowers
and the wandering breeze

grassy fingers
in entwined whispers

summer's farewell
by and by

rimming haiku #59

Christmas is coming,
peacefully together sing
- while the sea's strumming!

Friday, November 26, 2004

picture poem #48

life in desire
tingling with
to-night fire

in love at last
beyond the past

waiting changes

rimming haiku #58

Blue sky or gray days,
all contrasting different ways
- the autumn bouquets!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

picture poem #47

from time's fire
floats sun and moon

awaking heaven
with rainy clouds

in harmony

rimming haiku #57

River runs deep and clear,
through all the tides of the year
- now winter is here!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

picture poem #46

within the evening
frozen images
connecting darkness

and moving the time

frames of momentary lines
of passing pictures

picture poem #45

shadows hands
passing yesterdays

echoing poles within
with crossing landscape

frozen edge of images
in light and darkness frame

rimming haiku #56

Heaven's fiery bright,
the aurora northern light
- wonderful tonight!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

picture poem #44

autumn canopy

clouds drizzling
glisten mists
into shades of grey

the flutes of wind
in a quartet wails

picture poem #43

the lake reflecting
optical images

from the mountains
and coasts

illusion or imagination
mirroring the mind

in natural deviations

picture poem #42

strong games
and no-hitters hot

silvery moonlight
in blue-eyed dream

the milky way

no ending
delicious milkshakes

rimming haiku #55

Like the dawn comes in,
all true intent will begin
- step by step akin!

rimming haiku #54

Lights from heaven gates,
into the drifting clouds weights
- somber vitiates!

picture poem #41

saturated waves
along shards sand

picking time

rainbow strands

leaving seaweed
to the hundreds

picture poem #40

pendulum beating
in the old world

listen to the music
of sea and sky

echoing deep
night of planets

picture poem #39

gentle thought
in dungeon

lune-light bound
to twin-tapers saints

vineyards and altars
in veins of madness

mistress for
tonight sound

rimming haiku #53

Morning comes with song,
and the wishes tagalong
- where does the dream dong?

picture poem #35

heaven strikes
with a calm touch

awaking fire
in clouds and planets

beyond lights
of longest time

rimming haiku #49

Dream river flowing,
While the sun comes up glowing
- All's easygoing!

picture poem #34

fire of desire
from touching clouds
that crash and cross curves of sight

rain will strike in time

picture poem #38

clammy news
some brighter days

to touch one talk
and useless reach

when asked for things
other than my own

picture poem #37

around tired dances
are odd words
like tanglewoods

dreaming bloom
before this heart

never embarrassing
or illiterate

picture poem #36

approach the straight witness
hammered secret shields

impenetrable molded warning
from razors welded armor

concealing chiseled helmet
intruding guarding

rimming haiku #48

Climb every mountain,
To find the roots and fountain
- Earth's correlation!

rimming haiku #52

Days and nights drifting,
curtains of hope re-shifting
- promises rifting!

rimming haiku #47

Break away tonight,
where wishing stars are in sight
- thoughts clear dynamite!

rimming haiku #46

Autumn breeze lifting
yellow-brown leaves and shifting,
- darkish clouds drifting.

rimming haiku #51

Like the deep sea swell,
no one futures can foretell
- what the years befell!

rimming haiku #50

Innocent morning,
with coming hours and yearning
- tides ever turning!

picture poem #33

always steam black
my burning candles

depression engines
forgotten things
in flinching loneliness

with some days
and past photographs

picture poem #32

adagio strings
of the orchestra

slowly fingered
quiet voice

touching fading notes
falling like pages
alone into silence

picture poem #31

again dusky
fluttering quicksand sleep
bewildered dissolved thought

horizon things
found in mind

between home
and fading trackings

rimming haiku #45

In shadowy land,
every darkness is in bland
- to frosty command.

picture poem #30

cluster canopy clouds
rising in shades of grey

autumn canvas

through the mists
of embellished form

rimming haiku #44

Shadows dancing now,
though we must manage somehow
- autumn nuance pau.

Monday, November 22, 2004

picture poem #29

sunflower cups

with soft hours
of warmth and love

somewhat brushed
unerring things

primitive work
in lonely hues

rimming haiku #43

Oh sky sky up high,
all my loving and my try
- with sunshine must fly!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

picture poem #28

sweetie things
somewhat bright
and summered

flowered hero
spending hours
with drips

like a Pollock

rimming haiku #42

Night carry dreams on,
through sky's cloudy polygon
- till frigid's withdrawn.

picture poem #27

awake in hopes

and strike as a cloud
crossing the silky heaven

fire of lights
waits not long

rimming haiku #41

Mountain high with snow
surrounded by afterglow,
- summer months ago.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

picture poem #26

hanging branches
of gone summer

with golden brown
fall leaves

the cold wind

rimming haiku #40

I remember you,
when the colors were all new
- days today are blue!

Friday, November 19, 2004

picture poem #25

touch a cloud
on the run

with desires
out of reach

time is beyond
any look
from awake

rimming haiku #39

Each corn is swaying
when the wind harp is playing,
- bleakness conveying.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

picture poem #24

fragmented beat
of our tap feet

song--long freedom
promising to innocence

the care flames
of a burned world

rimming haiku #38

Summer unity,
where everything was carefree
- verse in memory.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

rimming haiku #37

Beacon of new light,
is born into dusky night
- cockcrow starts its flight.

picture poem #23

cloudy moon
in peace with heaven

waiting for
the day and sun

time is never still

rimming haiku #36

Little bumble bee,
once in summer flying free
- now in memory!

picture poem #22

like curves
true nerves
touching to-night

the clouds of stars
heavenly lights

time is as fire

rimming haiku #35

Ocean faraway,
arrive sunshine brighten day
- in light it will play!

rimming haiku #34

Bring in joy and life,
wind plays on its gusty fife
- dark and cold are rife

picture poem #21

beyond each life

to the planets
in their fiery run

seeing and looking
to changes of time

rimming haiku #33

Wakening morn bright,
comes into the starry night
- eases the frostbite.

Monday, November 15, 2004

picture poem #20

dawn that paints
streets with struggle

where conquest blade
is tarnish to glory

battlefield incision
with pride in the ground

rimming haiku #32

Songs of the sea gull
of blue ocean dreams are full,
- flow and abysmal.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

rimming haiku #31

November coma
without summer's aroma
- dreams insomnia!

rimming haiku #30

Little diddle crow;
from summer gardens ago
- now in the cold snow.

rimming haiku #29

Storm songs are playing:
no gold of green is staying
- all colors swaying!

picture poem #19

the moon
curves and floats
on still heaven

with stars in peace

each hope seems
beyond time lights

rimming haiku #28

Reflection in lake
red rocks of autumn daybreak
- each time a remake!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

rimming haiku #27

The night is coming,
with frosty roses blooming
- the wind will now sing.

picture poem #18

altering ego

footing belittling
and pre-begrudged

your jackal judgment
worshiping one-armed

gala-centered sprain ending

rimming haiku #26

Winter sullen gray,
with darker clouds interplay
- silver lining lay.

Friday, November 12, 2004

rimming haiku #25

Rivers and the lake,
to dawn's new morning awake
- golden spurs you'll make!

rimming haiku #24

Each footstep in dark,
can be fulfilled forward spark
- of virtues hallmark.

rimming haiku #23

Calm mighty river,
camouflage tiger - quiver
- prey you deliver.

picture poem #17

weighed desires
transforming the last bloom
of soft earthly history

life changes plumping roses
to burgeoning empty ecstasy

picture poem #16

of my desire

like glistened moonlight
on star-filled sea
caressing gently waves

and wearied dreams
of aging past

picture poem #15

haunting forests criss-crossed
upon spreading hills
with wilderness across black water

among whispering soft callers
pumping poisoning blight

rimming haiku #22

Hope is in a name,
of the burning morning flame
- reach out to your aim!

rimming haiku #21

New time and new thought,
to beginning dawn be brought
- life's a distraught.

rimming haiku #20

Blooming days are done,
but a life must carry on
- with November's sun.

picture poem #14

the distance found
sliding a hill

and getting
life's view
of creation

intact struggles
at eternal door

Thursday, November 11, 2004

rimming haiku #19

Snowy flaky fly:
winter ballads from the sky
- autumn rose goodbye!

picture poem #13

gushing enduring brook
entwined and snow-filled
inspired in art

life's now with winter-eyes
sparkling beauty
of leafless sense
and muse

rimming haiku #18

Winter is now here,
with dancing leaves everywhere
- frost will soon appear.

picture poem #12

the seagull's sounds
across the bay

with stirring
sweeping wings

you'll hear again
on long evenings

rimming haiku #17

Once there's summertime,
Like a reason with a rime
- Each is off its prime!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

picture poem #11

love is
phoenix feathers
a velvety dream

your red ruby elektra
crystal bright and untamed

tambour timbals
melted orestes

rimming haiku #16

Together them two,
they are in love yes it's true
- you should try it too!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

picture poem #10

from a soft wing
with sounds
of a tripping heart

morning child

these softly tones
sung into my bedroom

rimming haiku #15

Oh winter's envoy,
snow-bunting silent and coy
- for me to enjoy.

Monday, November 08, 2004

rimming haiku #14

Yellow prairies,
whispering voices in trees
- autumn treasuries.

picture poem #9

the crashing break

in clouds of time

in fire droughts
from out of sight

rimming haiku #13

Autumn canopies,
like Monet's Water Lilies
- exotic dillies.

picture poem #8

echoes from collision
speed in helpless
chaotic waste

resounding metallic
technological flow
of splintered pivot

harbouring carcass
amongst mortal junkies

Saturday, November 06, 2004

picture poem #7

cloudy moon
and lights beyond heaven

time nerves
tingling true changes

with fire stars
curving out personal hopes

rimming haiku #12

Through the time forest,
where everyone's a tourist
- some are good florist.

picture poem #6

the spells
of first blue

morning curling
color worms
to earth

writing a cast
to the robin
who sings

rimming haiku #11

The old soft and wise,
into the future time flies
- some to actualize!

Friday, November 05, 2004

Blue Autumn Sky

Old blue autumn sky,
where some dreams fly low or high
- with clouds in bird's-eye!

rimming haiku #10

I am now so blue,
like the night is darker too
- dawn comes bright and new!

rimming haiku #9

When day is like night,
in the soft unspoken light
-before Christmas bright!

picture poem #5

like desire
to time-driven veins

flows the blood
in friendship thick

bleeding red
on temper rich

soft spills
of just

rimming haiku #8

Like a butterfly,
from bloom to bloom I will tie
- give each thought a try!

rimming haiku #7

Moon and night are still
with promises to fulfill,
- when we climb uphill!

rimming haiku #6

Sunshine gasoline,
ocean life aquamarine
- futures nectarine.

picture poem #4

voice withered spring
grey-headed blooms
swaying to passion gone

soft tangled winter hands
filling answers

at bed's pillow

rimming haiku #5

What you see isn't all,
when the colors to gray fall
- the earth's cold enthrall!

picture poem #3

perfect gold
of dismayed conscience

the world is asleep

no valor desire
confessing riddles
climb to be

rimming haiku #4

Peace and quietness,
without the midday's fracas
- morning comes flawless.

picture poem #2

held nothing
at first

a fool plays love
fresh wishing

bleeding might
brand beauty
or death

picture poem #1

luring corridor
arousing aging shadows

the dawning dance
of purple stars

are eloping gates
of farewell labyrinths

rimming haiku #3

Each line is perfect,
covering and mimicked
- in winter's afflict.

rimming haiku #2

Blue behind the grey,
summer before winter's day
- colours interplay!

rimming haiku #1

Black crows of the sky,
each nocturnal dream you dye
- in dark lullaby!