Sunday, November 27, 2005

picture poem #240

the nerves
of time

in their true lights

heaven seems
at sight
curving the clouds

riming haiku #260

Winter time is here,
with northern lights and austere
- ways of thoughts to steer.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

picture poem #239

lights strike
in calm fire

clouds of stars
and running

time is

riming haiku #259

Life is bright or dim,
through every whimsical whim
- cold is winter's hymn.

picture poem #238

strong pulsing
echoed wings

green and leafy
primal nest

the forest
within these sparks
of flame-kissed

riming haiku #258

Colors of the earth,
give the tides meaning and birth
- each it's mood and worth.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

picture poem #237

forgotten garden flowers
of prodigious fields

these poems of love scent
within desired seeds

perfumed few
and rare

riming haiku #257

The grain is like gold,
it's worth its weight manifold
- wither can not hold.

picture poem #236

awake the lights
in northern clouds

time stars
touch life's changes

never end nothing
floating with peace

riming haiku #256

Glowing starry bright,
and longings that fly-by-night
- dawn comes with frostbite.

Friday, November 11, 2005

picture poem #235

tree of life

moving each
varied feeling

high and low
raising the will

riming haiku #255

Eternal motions,
the fire of life and notions
- winter's blue oceans.

picture poem #234

spring returns
in memories

varied flow
and yellow spots
of over-wintered mind

with their free wings
desire is found

riming haiku #254

Break of dawn begin,
silently comes sunrise in
- gold like morning skin.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

picture poem #233

in wonder
doing windblown
nature's thought

paths of northern
earth's bare ground

the headland
heart's thresholds

riming haiku #253

One by one they are,
coming close from the afar
- snowflake's glisten star.

riming haiku #252

The green is like gold,
it withers and time can't hold
- summer is now old.

picture poem #232

there's a windblown
wondering heart

narrowed day
in lonely nature

silences huddled
to shapings

riming haiku #251

Song sweet memory,
forgotten from you and me
- winter's fancy-free.

picture poem #231

exhilarating live

disciplines rhythms
in materially light

lost free bounds
of all eternity
exploring the essence
of searching reality

riming haiku #250

Oh sweet sweet sing low,
songbird in the snowy glow
- wintry breezy blow.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

picture poem #230

enlightened rhythms

exploring with words
touching the free mind's

brush sweeping meaning
with passion of art

riming haiku #249

Little bird singing,
sunshine to winter bringing
- tone and tone stringing.

picture poem #229

drinks of yesterday
tomorrow sips

today is emerging
in gigantic pallor

changing end
to a later fest

riming haiku #248

Garden of dream ways,
the interspace inside plays
- longings yesterdays.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

riming haiku #247

Each day lies now low
in winter's majestic glow
- the cold icy snow.

picture poem #228

the sentimental cast
of our perfunctory mirrors

trapping remains
of summer nights

acknowledged pain
without long-rehearsed fade

riming haiku #246

Wilderness forest,
many hours in summer chorused
- now winter tourist.

picture poem #227

is yesterday's dust

only later
will we notice
desired today

progress social lizards
changing and mutating

riming haiku #245

It's now memories,
summer flowers busy bees
- frosty garden breeze.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

picture poem #226

pulses beating forth
slow pacing flowing

stretching and decaying
struggle for existence

reflect's mixed
upon longings

riming haiku #244

Come and bring peace dawn,
from under wings of night swan
- dark and cold's withdrawn.

picture poem #225

like curves
long and changing

lights cross beyond
running time

clouds of hopes
awakes a tingling drought

riming haiku #243

The contrasting moods,
of hue autumn interludes
- the winter intrudes.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

picture poem #224

like nerves
from touching clouds

life is calm rain
breaking runs

in harmony

riming haiku #242

The earth rustic shades,
through the tidings barricades
- autumn away fades.

picture poem #223

thoughts left
to fate's plotted dreams

discourse turning

with the skies
listen in

riming haiku #241

Mirroring night dream,
stars faraway unreal seem
- winter's frosty gleam.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

picture poem #222

stars of the skies
immortal they seem

with redundant soft trails
in night play

turning with fate's
scabrous discourse

riming haiku #240

Dreams of tomorrow,
from winter and frosty snow
- river's mirror glow.

picture poem #221

the fall skies
with fate's dreams

plots and play's
of pawns with foul desire

transcendence thoughts
turning bitter

riming haiku #239

Summer day will come,
splendid and carefree some
- after winter's chasm.